White House taps team for Supreme Court pick

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Brit Hume said the confirmation votes of two pro-choice Republican senators may decide whether President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee will be successfully installed on the bench.

Speaking Monday at an Anchorage news conference, Murkowski noted Kennedy's pivotal role on the court. The list has existed since Trump began searching for late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's replacement at the beginning of Trump's presidential term, which ultimately led to the appointment of Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Judicial Crisis Network's ad is part of a seven-figure national cable and digital campaign, and praises Trump's list of 25 potential nominees for the court, before going on to decry "extremist" Democrats who they claim will "lie and attack" the President's eventual nominee.

Judges on the list were selected by Trump and White House counsel Don McGahn on the strength of their conservative credentials, which appear in all cases to include an opposition to abortion rights and skepticism over same-sex marriage and other gay rights. Susan Collins of ME are moderate Republicans who support access to abortion services.

The president's words come amid concern from abortion rights supporters that he will nominate a conservative judge who would vote to overturn the landmark case that legalized the procedure nationwide.

President Trump is unlikely to ask his Supreme Court nominee their position on overturning Roe v. Wade, he told Fox News Sunday morning, but said that abortion rights "could very well end up" being determined by the states following Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement.

"I'm going to pick someone who is outstanding", he said.

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"She also said that it's a firm precedent". He serves as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit in Cincinnati, Ohio. He played the same role in the successful confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch a year ago.

Joan Larsen, a former Michigan Supreme Court justice who was named to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals previous year, and fellow 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Raymond Kethledge, are reportedly among the handful of top candidates being considered by Trump. That judicial approach typically involves a more literal interpretation of the Constitution as compared to broader rulings such as Roe.

Walker said that if it comes down to the vice president casting a tie-breaking vote, he thinks it could tear the country apart.

Judge Kavanaugh sits on Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia and is a former clerk to Justice Kennedy.

The Republicans' 51-to-49 majority in the Senate is even closer because of the absence of ailing Senator John McCain of Arizona.

Collins, who has previously bucked party lines on other key issues such as health care, said she plans to have an in-depth conversation with the nominee.