Samsung Galaxy S10 might feature triple-camera setup

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The Note 9 is Samsung's second flagship phone for the year and as in the past, this will give us a glimpse of next year's Galaxy S phone. Operating profit for the three-month period is expected to come in at 14.8 trillion won ($13 billion) from 58 trillion won (£39bn) in revenues. The Galaxy X will likely not cannibalize sales for the Galaxy S10, as the foldable smartphone is expected to be a niche device with a price tag that may go as high as around $1,800, almost double the price of the $1,000 iPhone X by rival Apple. "For display, we expect review to decline by 10 percent quarter-on-quarter due to a decline in LCD prices and weak demand for iPhone X in the second quarter of 2018".

Samsung kept on registering record operating profits, quarter after quarter for seven straight quarters until Q2 2018 finally arrived, putting a stop to the tech juggernaut's progress once and for all.

In January, reports claimed that Samsung was looking to set the Galaxy X launch this December or early 2019.

Rumors regarding the Galaxy X have been heating up. The device will enter mass production later this year ahead of its unveiling in the first month of 2019. These OELD displays are said to be 7.3-inch wide while unfolded and 4.5-inch in folded state.

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"We are preparing for foldable phones very intensely".

It doesn't help Samsung that the entire smartphone business is in a slump right now either.

The lack of design change coupled with incremental upgrades such as a specs bump, a minor camera upgrade along with the variable aperture mode was not sufficient to turn the tides in the company's favor.