Mystery solved: IHOb reveals what name change means

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Today the restaurant chain announced that the "b" stands for burgers, which was pretty surprising.

The president of IHOP welcomed the country to the restaurant chain's newest venture on "Fox & Friends" Monday morning.

"@IHOb the b stands for blasphemy", tweeted one.

Cheeseburger, who also runs Worldwide Wrestling Dojo in Pennsylvania, responded: "A nice breakfast at IHOP is nearly a national pastime at this point". New additions include a mushroom and Swiss topped burger, one with jalapenos and pepper jack cheese, and one covered in BBQ sauce and crispy onion rings. Forbes reports that IHOP has been losing popularity among younger generations and is, indeed, looking to expand beyond breakfast.

But the name ― International House of Pancakes ― has always been rooted in their calorie-laden breakfast standards: pancakes, waffles and french toast, often smothered in syrup and whipped cream.

Apparently IHOP wants people to know it's not just a restaurant for breakfast or brunch (or 3 a.m. food runs after a night of drinking).

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To learn more about the company's pivot in menu, we got in touch with IHOP's spokesperson, Stephanie Peterson.

The fast-food chain went even further with this tweet that claimed no matter what, their burgers were still superior to IHOPs.

As far as training the staff, he said the release of the new burgers was much the same as any other new menu item, and praised his staff for taking it in stride.

"Why is ihop going thru a mid life crisis", tweeted another. On Monday, the company announced that the name change was just a promotion for its new line of burgers.

And though a juicy cheeseburger may still be top of mind when you think of Wendy's, the company's social media chops have caught the attention of many a Twitter user. As you can tell from the ridiculous marketing campaign, IHOP flipped the uppercase "P" to create a lowercase 'b.' Did they do this so the change wouldn't seem jarring?