Melania Trump makes surprise visit to US-Mexico border

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"It's a jacket. There was no hidden message", Grisham said.

Cue the outrage machine, Melania Trump - the complicit First Lady of Trumplandia - has walked into another fashion faux pas with what appears to be $39 Zara jacket emblazoned with with words, "I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?" on the back.

When asked what message the first lady's jacket meant to send, spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said: "It's a jacket".

"She wanted to see everything for herself", Grisham said.

But the Twitter outcry was swift, with many appalled at what seemed to be an ill-conceived - if unintentional - message when she was travelling to visit migrant children separated from their parents.

However, photos from her trip do not mesh with the rows of cages in cavernous detention facilities shown in government handout photos, nor with the accounts and audio of children crying for their parents.

"We all know they are here without their families and I want to thank you for your hard work, your compassion, and your kindness you are giving to them in these difficult times", she told the staff.

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"Ivanka feels very strongly, my wife feels very strongly about it, I feel very strongly about it".

President Donald Trump first announced the trip by his wife, who was touring a non-profit social services center for migrant children, before heading to a customs and border patrol processing center, according to a statement from her office. "The images struck her, as a mother, as a human being".

Trump had originally defended the actions by saying: "When you prosecute the parents for coming in illegally - which should happen - you have to take the children away". "Melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares!" he added. While some insisted the jacket had no other meaning behind it, others pointed out the First Lady often makes deliberate fashion choices.

The president ordered federal agencies on Thursday to begin reuniting immigrant families at the U.S. -Mexico border, but his efforts to roll back a policy that drew global condemnation were beset by confusion. The Trump administration came under widespread criticism over the separations, which it said were necessary under the existing laws barring the jailing of children.

I think we were undervaluing pictures when we said they were worth 1000 words.

Last August, a pair of Mrs. Trump's signature spike heels earned her a round of bafflement as she boarded Air Force One bound for Texas to tour devastation after Hurricane Harvey.