A Special Fortnite PlayStation 4 Bundle With Exclusive Skin Gets Leaked

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Eventually, there may be custom firmware that allows users to play pirated games offline, cutting out Nintendo's authorisation systems from the equation.

One thing both companies can agree on is taking down Sony (NYSE:SNE), maker of this console generation's runaway sales leader - the PlayStation 4. Leaving those on the console unable to play with their friends who prefer being on PC, Xbox, mobile, or Switch.

It also came with a message stating that it'll be available starting July 16, 2018.

On top of that, Minecraft on Nintendo Switch just got an update today that allows you to unlock Xbox achievements on Nintendo Switch.

In response to the recent controversy regarding Fortnite cross-play, Sony released a statement.

It's highly unlikely that Sony will change its stance on cross-play support for some of the hottest games out there, Fortnite included, but one can always hope.

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Sony has already blocked cross-platform play for Fortnite and Rocket League and now Minecraft has joined that list of woe. New Minecraft cross-play trailers specifically highlight Xbox One and Nintendo Switch gamers being able to play together and is the first time that an Xbox One controller has shown up in a Nintendo ad.

Sony is still in hot water with gamers over blocking cross-play between players on other consoles.

With that anger still hot, Nintendo and Microsoft did the unthinkable and cooperated.

May's U.S. sales results see a strong software month and explainable hardware growth for the Switch.

That's a pretty big deal in the world of video games. The size of that ecosystem would utterly dwarf PlayStation's 80 million-strong install base, potentially reaching hundreds of millions (or more) people.

Nintendo and Microsoft have teamed-up to promote cross network gameplay on the Switch and Xbox One consoles, leaving Sony as the odd man out. Its promotional trailer also seems to be a bit of a dig at Sony, which infamously blocked PS4 Fortnite accounts from logging in on Nintendo Switch.