Mormon church to end 105-year partnership with Boy Scouts

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The statement explained that in the years since the relationship began, the church has become a worldwide organization and with the majority of its members living outside the United States, it needs a global youth leadership program. It plans on continuing to enroll 8-13-year-old boys in the Cub and Boy Scouts programs until December 31, 2019, at which time the Mormon Church will be finalizing a new youth program to launch in 2020.

The move comes after the Boy Scouts have made social changes in their organization, including allowing openly gay troop leaders.

The only difference is that the boys started on their achievements six months ago, so the girls who recently joined have to work twice as fast as the boys so they can reach their achievements at the same time as the boys. Church doctrine also called for Mormon children to denounce gay parents or else face excommunication.

The Boy Scouts will try to make up for the loss of its largest sponsor through the addition of girls and a welcoming message that all are invited.

The Mormon church is cutting all ties with the Boy Scouts of America after 100 years.

The BSA released a separate statement saying it was "confident that many LDS Scouting families will go on to enjoy Scouting for years to come", while promising a "smooth transition to community-sponsored units that will welcome youth previously served by LDS-sponsored units".

Being a part of the Boy Scouts of America has been an important part of Neal Robison's life since he was a young boy, himself.

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"The church took the Boy Scout program and decided its values and mission aligned closely enough with that of the church's program for young men that they just wholesale adopted it", Monson told NPR in 2015.

A group of church leaders already responsible for youths - including men and women from various countries - will spend the next year and a half developing and testing the new youth program around the world, allowing for local adaptations.

According to KSTU-TV (Salt Lake City), the Church plans to develop its own "gospel-based" youth program instead.

Across Twitter, critics of both the Mormon Church and the Boy Scouts attacked each institution, claiming that the organization they supported would be better off without the other group. Some expressed disappointment, recounting the positive and challenging experiences the Boy Scouts provided them in their youth.

The Mormon church has criticized the BSA for similar compromises in the past.

She says another misconception, held by 53 percent of school families, is that Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are the same organization.