Microsoft announces the Surface Hub 2 with 50.5-inch display

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While it's unlikely for Microsoft to take a similar route, Redmond will decrease the price for its Surface Hub 2. The Surface Hub 2 comes in a single 50.5-inch screen size with a 3:2 aspect ratio, the same as what you get on any of the Surface PC devices. The Microsoft Surface Hub 2 also features a 4K webcam (which is removable and rotatable) and far-field microphones for a better video calling experience.

Tiling works great if you have up to four Surface Hub 2 whiteboards and you need to tile them together in order to create one big canvas. That aspect ratio is much taller than what you find on a TV or most projectors, which makes it appear more natural when you use the Surface Hub's rotating wall mount to pivot it to portrait mode. She said Microsoft is starting to provide details today, May 15, because Surface Hubs have a long purchase cycle.

Microsoft's Surface team is obsessed with hinges.

According to the company, the design inspiration for Surface Hub 2 was taking whiteboard-enabled collaboration beyond the conference room and enhancing productivity for different kinds of users.

"The environment around us is shifting - towards open offices, huddle rooms and team work spaces - and in three years half the global workforce will be mobile", Panos Panay, Microsoft's newly-appointed chief product officer, wrote in a blog post.

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It's a departure for the Surface Hub product line. The original Surface Hub advanced this mission, making it possible to join a meeting or open a whiteboard with one touch.

Though the Hub 2 will run Microsoft's Whiteboard and Skype apps, as the first Surface Hub did, Teams will be the centerpiece of the new Surface Hub 2. I am not exactly sure what Microsoft considers to be a competitive device.

The software on the Surface Hub 2 is, of course, based on Windows 10. Hanging from a conference room wall or specialized stand, previous models were created to be used in landscape mode. Because two users can log in at once, the Surface Hub 2 will allow two users to collaborate on a project. The company has this time added more robust collaborative tools which can allow multiple users to simply sign in simultaneously through a fingerprint reader and pull up their work onto a single workspace.

Earlier this year a report revealed that Microsoft is working on the next generation Surface Hub and it could be announced as soon as this year.