Macron warned trump's withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran

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"Neither Iran nor China nor Russian Federation nor the European states should lose out", he said. So if Iran indeed had an active weapons programme as Israel claims, the nuclear deal has ended it.

The deal, between Iran and the five permanent members of the USA security council, plus Germany and the European Union, saw Iran agree to halt its nuclear weapons program for a decade in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions.

Zarif insisted on Thursday that his government has implemented its 2015 nuclear agreement with world powers fully and in "good faith" - just days after Israel and the Trump administration accused the Iranians of lying about the nature of their nuclear work at its outset.

"If Israel or anyone else received documents which allegedly prove Iran still having plans to develop nuclear weapons, then these documents should be given to the IAEA", he told the press. Iran stands firm in the face "If the USA continues to violate the agreement, or if it withdraws all together, we will exercise our right to respond in a manner of our choosing, bluster or threats won't get the United States new deal." of futile attempts and bullying.

The Obama faction in Washington, active on Twitter and at think tanks where former officials decry the abrupt changes of 16 months under Trump, is braced for bitter disappointment if the nuclear deal is blown apart.

Drumming up worldwide support for his call to "fix" or "nix" the Iran nuclear deal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reached out to his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi to update him on the recent developments.

His theatrics were stunning, nearly Tony-worthy, but what did Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prove this week? On Monday, he claimed that an Israeli raid in Tehran last January yielded a large cache of documents (some 55,000 pages and over 180 CDs worth of data) which proves that Iran has been secretly aiming to develop nuclear weapons for years - something that the global community had long feared.

Our own Foreign Office Minister, Alistair Burt, says we are not naïve about Iran, but that the deal helps to keep peace in the region.

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The important part of the session was what Netanyahu didn't say. "They are only interested in Hezbollah and Iran", he added. Which brings us back to the inescapable conclusion: an agreement with the Europeans to "fix" and not "nix" the "worst deal ever" is the only sensible move.

The current deal expires in 2030, twelve years from now. As Trump prepares to engage Kim Jong Un, a decision by the renounce the nuclear agreement will cast doubt on the reliability of any commitment this country might make in negotiations with North Korea.

If he lets any of these waivers expire, key USA sanctions will automatically "snap back" into effect, putting Washington in material breach of the agreement with Tehran. Would Tehran be interested in an agreement that does not have Washington's backing? Mr. Netanyahu argued that the documents pointed to an act of deceit on Iran's part, a claim the USA immediately backed.

The official, who was attending a nuclear non-proliferation conference in the Swiss city of Geneva, also said that the vast majority of United Nations member states at the event had backed a joint Russian-Chinese declaration supporting the JCPOA.

In recent weeks, tensions in the Middle East have risen dramatically.

The deal put severe limits on Iran. But why believe this regime will be faithful to the deal at its end when it was faithless to it at its beginning?

Can relations between Iran and America improve?

"I told Putin that hes welcome, too, to see the material". But this will not happen if the nuclear deal is scrapped, and matters can only deteriorate from there. The deal gave Iran the best of all worlds.