Google Maps updated to work with Camera, offer smart recommendations

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"There will also be lists that show top-ranked options; for example, a "Foodie List" will include recommendations for trending restaurants based on local experts, Maps" own algorithms, and Google's trusted publishers.

Google is not only making it easier to find new places you might be interested in, but also sharing those new hot spots with your contact list and much more. It will also show you nearby business and place names for visual reference.

Google will soon launch a new version of Google Maps that will give you more personalized recommendations than before.

Shortlist will be a new menu that helps groups of friends find places they like to eat - by isolating and learning the eating habits of friends, shortlist will automatically create a list of popular favourites, eliminating the need of texting back and forth or spending time finding a place that everyone agrees with.

Google Maps will also have a couple of other useful tools.

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Google Maps relieve the workload of its users in selecting a restaurant, according to the new update to Google Maps. A new camera interface can tell users exactly where they are in the real world, with helpful animated guides.

Given the amount of visual detail in this reimagined directions feature, it seems like this is being geared toward helping you walk from Point A to Point B. Adding these kind of visual cues to turn-by-turn directions for drivers would boost instances of distracted driving.

Google had introduced "Google Lens" last year, and during its keynote at this year's Google I/O, the company announced some new features for it, plus some other Google Lens-related news. If you've ever wandered around in circles trying to figure out which direction your little blue dot was moving in the Maps app, this is for you.

The new "For you" tab offers a customised view of trending places in areas that you choose to view.

A shortlist feature aims to make it easier to select places to eat or hang out and have your friends vote on their choice, which will hopefully eliminate a lot of the back-and-forth now going on in your messaging app.