USA senator, Tammy Duckworth, can feed baby in chamber

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The inspiration for the historic change of rules was Sen.

Unlike the senators, Maile (and all other future babies to come on the Senate floor) won't have to worry about a dress code. Sen.

First of all, congratulations are in order for Duckworth and her husband on the birth of their daughter and second child.

Hats are normally not allowed to be worn in the chamber, but "we made an exception ... for babies", the Minnesota Democrat told reporters who were waiting to catch a glimpse of Duckworth and Maile.

Duckworth's senate counterpart, Dick Durbin (D-IL) had some kind words to say in support of the resolution ahead of Duckworth's appearance.

Although no one objected, the idea didn't sit easily with some senators in both parties concerned that babies would disrupt "Senate decorum". Tammy Duckworth, on the Senate floor for a vote. The senators on the floor laughed, and Schumer called up to the gallery: "The press is finally interested in something worthwhile".

The proposal to allow infants into the chamber was initially met with skepticism by some members, most notably Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), who anxious a rule change would lead to multiple babies crawling around the chamber in the future. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) and outgoing Sen.

"I think it's historic, I think it's awesome", Duckworth said.

"Originally it was created to not slow down debate", Lankford said of the rules. In her memoir, Off the Sidelines, Gillibrand wrote: "I tried to explain to the young male Senate staffer who issued my orders that these hours were impossible: I had an infant whom I needed to nurse at that time, and if I didn't feed him, I'd be extremely uncomfortable".

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It's the first Senate rule change since 1977, when service dogs were first allowed on the floor. But the Arkansas Republican acknowledged that some of his colleagues do, "so the cloakroom might be a good compromise".

Ms Duckworth, a USA army veteran who lost her legs when a Black Hawk helicopter she was co-piloting in Iraq in 2004 was shot down, represents IL for the Democrats.

"Yes, you can vote from the doorway of the cloakroom, but how is she going to get to the cloakroom when it's not wheelchair accessible?".

Senate rules committee chairman Roy Blunt said being a parent was a difficult job and Senate rules shouldn't make it any harder.

A few months ago, Duckworth predicted that her pregnancy would force some family-friendly policy changes in the Senate.

But there still were concerns. Utah Republican Orrin Hatch asked, "What if there are 10 babies on the floor of the Senate?" Having 10 babies on the Senate floor "would be a wonderful thing", his office wrote on Twitter.

"It was just a whole kissy-kissy moment", Klobuchar said.

The decision to allow Maile's presence on the floor this week - blazer or no blazer - was the latest sign that the Senate's increasing share of female members is pushing the institution to reconsider some of its conventions.