United Kingdom scientists unable to identify Russian Federation as source for nerve agent

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The head of the British military facility, dealing with the nerve agent used for poisoning ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, on Tuesday said it has "not identified the precise source" of the substance.

"It will be the last war in the history of mankind".

"Worse than a cold war is a real war. It's worse than the cold war because if the situation will develop in the way it is now I am afraid it will end up in a very very bad outcome".

Mr Buzhinskiy's comments echo Sergey Lavrov's declaration that East-West tensions are worse now than during the Cold War and accused Britain and the U.S. of spreading "lies and disinformation".

The Trump administration claimed the expelled diplomats are Russian intelligence agents, and insisted their departure would make the U.S. more secure. It will be the last war in the history of the mankind.

When asked whether the Skripal case could lead directly to war, he responded: 'Not the Salisbury poisoning, but the pressure.

"You are going to achieve the regime change, it's useless".

The cash - now in an unknown Russian bank - was from the sale of the house he had shared in Britain with his ex-wife, Natalia, like Yulia, 33, the daughter of a GRU military intelligence colonel. "There more pressure there is, the more the society is concentrated around the president".

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When asked how the dispute would lead to a real war, Mr Buzhinsky accused the United Kingdom of not wanting to discuss the Salisbury attack. The White House acknowledged discussions about a possible summit and said the Washington came up as a potential location. "You don't want to discuss".

"I would like to inform you, although we have already told about that, we are convening a OPCW Executive Council session tomorrow to look into the situation in detail", Putin said after talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara.

"Okay, you expelled diplomats".

France expelled four Russian diplomats last week over the nerve agent attack on Sergei Skripal. It's a breach of diplomatic relations. Actually, you are cornering Russian Federation.

"Actually you are cornering Russian Federation, and to corner Russian Federation is a very unsafe thing".

Mr Buzhinsky claimed it was "nonsense" Russia was behind the attack as President Vladimir Putin had no benefit out of the attack, which took place before the Russian Presidential election.

Putin said there were 20 countries that could manufacture the nerve agent, adding he was "surprised at the speed with which the anti-Russian campaign was promoted and accelerated".

The relationship between the US and Russia is strained after Trump ordered the diplomats' expulsion and the closing of the Seattle consulate after the attack last month on a former Russian spy in the U.K. Putin reciprocated, expelling USA diplomats and closing the St. Petersburg consulate.