Uber Launches New App For Its Drivers

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If people can reliably know when a bus will show up, he said, "we think that's going to drive use and ultimately that's going to make it even better to live in a city like this one".

The deal comes as Uber expands beyond its flagship on-demand rides and into other modes of local transportation. Getaround now operates in ten US cities, including San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, and Los Angeles.

While Uber has pulled its self-driving auto programs in all the markets where it operated, as well as not reapplied for a permit to operate in San Francisco, Khosrowshahi says not to take today's announcements as any sign that Uber is moving away from autonomous. One is an expansion of Uber Bike by Jump into Washington, DC, which is a bike rental program the company was first piloted in San Francisco earlier this year. Within the year, riders will be able to buy and use tickets from within Uber's app, too.

Schaller says this "unsustainable" ride-sharing pattern is occurring in many major cities including Los Angeles and Boston. This week, the company acquired Jump Bikes, which puts people on shared, electric bicycles.

That's why we're today launching Uber Movement in Toronto - a free tool which uses Uber's anonymised data from millions of trips to help urban planners make decisions about their city.

The big picture: Uber envisions a world with little personal vehicle ownership, one where people would rely more heavily on using services like Uber.

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Uber Rent powered by Getaround enables Uber riders to instantly signup, reserve and unlock cars on the Getaround platform right from the Uber app. By using the Getaround app, people skip the lines and paperwork at traditional rental auto counters, and the hassle of buying and maintaining a vehicle. "If this goes on, you'll simply have gridlock".

But if it can create a useful interface for planning and booking so-called "multi-modal" routes, which combine multiple types of transportation - such as an Uber ride to the nearest commuter rail station - it could be a win-win. You'll be able to get an Uber.

Another glimpse into how Uber sees its future role: The company also announced a partnership Wednesday with transit ticketing service Masabi.

Uber is introducing e-bike, auto rental, and public transit tickets to its primary app.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announced the changes in a blog post Wednesday titled "Moving Forward Together with Cities".