Themes of Florida Senate Election Emerge With Scott's Declaration

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Myers pointed out that Scott's gubernatorial wins in 2010 and 2014 came in tight races, and that Florida has seen a shift in Democrats' favor since Trump took office - including wins in the St. Petersburg mayoral race and two hotly contested state legislative special elections. "I know he's asked me to get into the race".

Republicans responded with a website,, paid for by the Republican Party of Florida, casting Nelson as a do-nothing career politician. Washington is exhausted. And the truth is, both political parties share some of the blame. If we had worked to reduce the power and reach of the presidency and executive authority in general, perhaps that might change Washington for the better, eh?

"We need need to send people up there for doers, I think what we do is send talkers", said Scott.

"Instead of creating the jobs our state needs for the future, over half the counties in Florida are worse off today than before the recession".

Scott's announcement sets the stage for what is expected to be one of the most expensive races in the country, taking place in a swing state that was a key to Trump's 2016 victory. Lidsky said. "At every turn governor Scott has been committed to common-sense regulations, to business growth to really supporting us". "Floridians won't forget the damage Rick Scott's self-serving politics have done these last seven years, no matter how he tries to change his spots and obscure his record". "I believe in jobs". The Independent Party of Florida ran a candidate that year, Peter Allen, who picked up another 2.3 percent. Republicans on Monday began running digital ads against Nelson for voting against the tax reform bill.

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"We must change Washington". Critics say one of his misses was environmental issues along with Medicaid.

"This is going to be a lot of fun", Mr. Scott, wearing his usual Navy baseball cap, said in an announcement on Facebook Live from Orlando before embarking on a statewide tour, the type that has become his signature over eight years as governor.

Rick Scott (R) announced on Monday that he'll challenge Sen.

Democratic political strategist Steve Schale predicted the race would be close and that Trump's popularity could play a role. She traveled with Scott on his South Florida trips and was particularly visible in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and was at his side after the deadly shootings at Pulse and Parkland. Mike Rounds support Scott on CNN's "New Day" Monday morning, but didn't fully endorse him, saying: "Senator Nelson is a friend of mine". He announced his entry into this election on his social media where he also reviewed his two terms that he served as governor of the sunshine state.