Stoneman Douglas students not fond of clear backpacks

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Students at a Florida high school where 17 people died in a mass shooting are receiving clear backpacks.

Student Lauren Hogg tweeted: 'As much as I appreciate the effort, we as a country need to focus on the real issue instead of turning our schools into prisons'.

Inside the school, administrators handed out the students' newest mandatory accessories: a see-through backpack much like the ones required at some stadiums and arenas, and an identification badge they must wear at all times.

"If we are going to have more police officers at school, that only makes the problem worse".

One student's response to the clear backpack rule.

Since the shooting, students have become vocal advocates for gun control, demanding that lawmakers pass new gun laws to prevent future shootings. The attacks on the teenage survivors of the shooting have been fierce from the beginning, and have only continued since the students helped spearhead hundreds of protests last month.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas students encountered security barriers and bag check lines as they entered campus Monday morning.

"It feels like being punished", student Isabelle Robinson told CNN. In another tweet, she said, "starting off the last quarter of senior year right, with a good ol' violation of privacy!"

Students also saw beefed up security on the first day back. She went on to say, "many students are actually unhappy with the clear backpacks, as they believe that it infringes on their privacy, so they wrote messages on pieces of paper and put it into the clear backpacks".

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'My new backpack is nearly as transparent as the NRA's agenda.

"We come to school to learn, so I don't think that we should need to subject ourselves to these measures".

She said those personal accounts are important, but she recognizes not all of them will be covered by the media.

Giuliana said she and other students who are survivors want to record their experiences and are encouraging other survivors of gun violence to do the same using #StoriesUntold.

It's unclear whether students will be allowed to have a bag within their backpack to hide personal items.

'We are doing this in order to demonstrate the fact that we stand together on all issues and that we, as a student body, refuse to be reduced to nothing more than dollars and cents, ' Koerber said.

Cameron Kasky, one of the founders of March for Our Lives, felt the clear backpack rule was a "step in the wrong direction", but urged students to keep moving forward in their fight for tighter gun control.

Do you agree with the criticisms being leveled against the student survivors of the Douglas High School shooting by right wing and NRA supporters?