SpaceX to launch 10 satellites, attempt a fairing recovery

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The Falcon 9 rocket being used for Friday's launch was previously used in October for an Iridium satellite mission, and it was successfully recovered for re-use.

Per the reports, SpaceX used an recovered first stage booster which was recovered and refurbished to be used as the first stage in the Friday launch. Once, the constellation of 75 satellites for which, Iridium, a service provider had a contract with SpaceX, it will start beaming down good-quality signal with high-strength on the land, in water, and in the air as well.

It is, however, expected to try to recover the rocket's "fairing, " or nosecone, using a large ship dubbed Mr. Steven, which is outfitted with a large netting.

The NEXT satellite launch is part of a monumental effort ton create a vast network of communication satellites spanning the entire globe.

The Iridium-NEXT satellites were launched Friday morning for McLean, Virginia-based satellite operator Iridium Communications, Efe reported.

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Friday's launch brings to 50 the number of Iridium Next satellites in orbit.

The company has a high-speed ship with an enormous net structure created to catch half of a fairing as it descends under a parafoil. SpaceX is using ocean landings to test more booster recovery options and there were reports before Iridium-5 of a SpaceX boat stationed in the Pacific Ocean, presumably to retrieve data after an ocean landing attempt.

If you want to watch the launch live, SpaceX will be streaming it via its various video portals, including YouTube. The mission took off at 7:13 a.m. During its return to Earth, the parafoil which controls the descent of the fairing became twisted.

SpaceX requested a waiver so it would only need to fly 1,600 satellites in that period, arguing that it would be physically impossible to launch all 4,425 during the same period-a launch cadence of 60 satellites per month. The Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket and the payload comprised of the Iridium satellites were in "great shape", Desch tweeted Tuesday evening.

The next launch on SpaceX's agenda is a resupply mission to the International Space Station set to launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's Launch Complex 40 on April 2.