New BioShock in Development at 2K Games According to Report

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While nothing has been (officially) announced, Schreier has confirmed the presence of a BioShock title on the horizon, backed up by anecdotal evidence of hush-hush talk when the topic of a new title would inevitably crop up among staff.

A studio within 2K is allegedly working on a new BioShock game, according to a new report.

It sounds like 2K Games' dormant BioShock series could be making a long overdue comeback soon, with a so-called "top-secret studio" now working on an unannounced new entry in the series.

One that is apparently located right new door to Hangar 13, the studio behind 2K's Mafia III.

"Next door, a small group of people were working on a project code-named Parkside, quietly recruiting from across the video game industry for a game so secret, they wouldn't even tell their colleagues at Hangar 13 about it", the report says.

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However, the issue is that Parkside is not ready to bring a lot of Hangar 13 people over to work on the upcoming BioShock.

This report comes from Kotaku's Jason Schreier, who has a very solid track record for these kinds of things.

Despite Ken Levine's Irrational Games shutting down in 2014 and shutting down all hope of a future for the BioShock series, it looks like the series may be poised for a comeback. While many are leaning towards it being Borderlands 3, it could be the new BioShock, because the franchise is really important to the company.

Whether this studio is the same one working on the next BioShock at the moment is not known. This is because a 2K studio of some kind is now working on the game as we speak.