Israeli troops kill four Palestinians as protests continue along Gaza border

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Israel's use of live fire has drawn worldwide criticism but the Israeli government says it is protecting its borders and takes such action when protesters come too close to the border fence.

US President Donald Trump's Mideast envoy Jason Greenblatt also said on Twitter that "A full investigation by Israel of Mohammed Ayoub's death is underway so that we will be able to understand what happened".

"It is time for the ICC Prosecutor to open an investigation against the Israeli Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] and his Defense Minister [Avigdor Lieberman] on the events of sniping our people and our children in the Gaza Strip".

Since March 30, which marks Palestine Land Day, the Palestinians have been peacefully staging protests along the eastern Gaza borders, calling for the implementation of the UN Resolution 194 which stipulates the return of Palestine refugees to their homes, as well as to lift the 11-year-old Israeli blockade in Gaza.

To date, the UNSC has not commented on the events in Gaza as the US - Israel's ally and permanent member of the council - continues to block proposed statements critical of Israel's use of force against unarmed protesters.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim said one of two suspects on a high-powered motorcycle "fired 10 shots, four of which hit the lecturer in the head and body". "How does the killing of a child in Gaza today help peace?"

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The Palestinian Ministry of Health declared that a Palestinian child, identified as Muhammad Ibrahim Ayyoub, 15, was killed by Israeli forces during protests east of Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip.

Numerous reports quoted initial reports by the New Straits Times over details of the killing, including that two men were waiting for Fadi on a road which he normally takes as he walked to a nearby Surau in Setapak for subuh prayers. His comments Saturday came after a top United Nations envoy in the region, Nikolay Mladenov, said it is "outrageous to shoot at children" and demanded an investigation. Children must be protected from violence, not exposed to it, not killed! "This tragic incident must be investigated", he wrote. Soldiers responded with tear gas and live fire, killing the four, according to the Hamas run-health ministry.

The ministry reported that the number of injuries by Friday evening came to 729, including live bullets, tear-gas suffocation cases, and other wounds.

Several thousand Palestinians participated in the protests Friday, the fourth large-scale demonstrations since late March. Most kites were stitched together in the colors of the Palestinian flag. The numbers could not be verified by Israel.

Palestinian envoy to the UN Riyad Mansour has called to set up an independent commission to investigate Israeli crimes.