Family, Daughter Reunite 24 Years After She Went Missing

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They refused to move away from Chengdu in the hopes Qifeng would one day find her way home, according to Chinese media outlets. He and his wife Liu Dengying spent years searching for her, taking out advertisements in newspapers and setting up online appeals. Even though he didn't have a photo of Qifeng, he used one of his younger daughters, as the two looked very similar, and he scoured the streets of Chengdu, showing people his daughter's picture and asking if they had seen her.

Wang and his wife eventually had another daughter, but they never gave up on the one they had lost.

In 2015, Wang took a job as driver for a ride-hailing company so that he could expand his search.

After some time, they found that their daughter was missing and therefore they started looking for her, calling out her name etc. He would ask each of his passengers any potential information that could lead to the location of his lost daughter, giving them a card with information about his daughter and telling them to share it on WeChat.

His desperate efforts attracted the attention of Chinese media.

In an interview, an emotional Mingqing expressed his ultimate wish: "My biggest wish right now is that someday my daughter will sit down in my vehicle, and shout 'Dad!'" .

When a retired police sketch artist heard about Wang's story, he produced an image of what he thought Kang Ying would look like as an adult.

Several false flags appeared over the years; a number of women who could have been Qifeng but were cleared after DNA test results.

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The sketches were widely circulated and a woman named Kang Ying living on the other side of the country in the northeastern province of Jilin stumbled across them online.

Kang said she was adopted as a child and was raised in a town only 12 miles away from where her biological parents lived.

Earlier this year, she contacted Wang and after talking to him, she realized she shared some unusual traits with his missing daughter, including a small scar on her forehead, and a feeling of nausea every time she cried.

Kang contacted Wang and went through a DNA test with the help of police.

After talking online with Wang, Kang made a decision to get a DNA test. "You don't need to worry about anything - Dad will help you". "My daughter has been found - thank you everyone", said the emotional father.

Photos from the occasion showed a tearful Kang Ying hugging her family as a crush of photographers surrounded them.

"I can't tell you how much hope, disappointment and despair we have gone through these past 24 years".

She told reporters in China tearfully, reported: "The whole world told me I didn't have a mother - but I do!"