Amazon Now Delivers Straight to Cars

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As long as your vehicle is in the registered delivery area, Amazon will deliver your order to it. Amazon also operates AmazonFresh, a grocery delivery service available in parts of the U.S.

GM and Volvo are collaborating with Amazon on the Amazon Key delivery service.

The service carries no charge for Prime members and is available starting now in 37 US metropolitan areas, the same areas where Amazon Key is already available.

When you order something from Amazon, In-Car delivery pops up as one of the options. After all, some experts say, many drivers now pay parking meters using an app on their phones, and rely on navigational services that know their location at any given time.

"Since launching Amazon Key last November, we've safely delivered everything from cameras to collectible coins inside the home", Larsen said. Each time a delivery driver requests access to a customer's vehicle, Amazon verifies that he or she is an authorized driver at the right location with the right package, through an encrypted authorization process.

Online retailer Amazon announced Tuesday it's now ready to deliver customer packages directly to - and inside of - their vehicles. The vehicle also has to be parked in a public space, like outside the home or office - in which case, they could probably just deliver it to the actual building. Receiving a package securely and reliably in your vehicle, without you having to be there, is something we think many people will appreciate.

Delivering packages inside instead of leaving them on your porch should cut down on theft, although Amazon Key requires a certain level of trust.

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The app-based service, which lets vehicle owners provide delivery agents with keyless access to trunks, is an example of how Amazon is exploring new methods of delivering goods to customers.

Customers won't be able to get in-car deliveries if they park inside gated and underground parking garages where satellite signals often can't penetrate.

"There is zero chance I'll ever use Amazon key to have them enter my vehicle or house to deliver a package", wrote one person on Twitter.

Amazon says that it will check the location of every delivery driver when an in-car delivery is about to be made to ensure the identity of the driver. You'll also get a notification when your parcel is on its way, and you'll be able to track when your auto was unlocked and relocked in the activity feed. "Letting a stranger put your purchases into the trunk of your auto also takes a fair bit of trust - but less so".

The second delivery was on a Saturday, and it was then I could really see the value.

Amazon officials said the company has gone through rigorous security reviews and offers what they call a "happiness guarantee". Now, it's remotely controlled, app-connected locks on houses and cars to let couriers inside. Additionally, Amazon in-car deliveries are backed up by Amazon's Happiness Guarantee to provide further peace of mind.