Trump tells Saudi prince he will work on arms deal

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Soaking in Trump's plaudits in the Oval Office, Prince Mohammed said little and left most of the talking to his host, who offered an optimistic forecast of lucrative US arms sales to the kingdom and more Saudi investment in the United States.

"We make the best equipment in the world, there's nobody even close, and Saudi Arabia's buying a lot of this equipment", Trump said, using a poster headlined "KSA Sales Pending" to highlight tanks, missile defense systems, and planes the USA has agreed to sell to Saudi Arabia over the past year. "Its probably another month or so, and youre going to see what I do", Trump told reporters without elaborating.

After his visit to Washington, Mohammed will embark on a nationwide tour, visiting New York, Boston, oil hub Houston, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

Mohammed later met with Republican Senators Dan Sullivan, Tom Cotton, and Lindsey Graham, along with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, in talks which the Saudi embassy said showed the "multidimensional" nature of the kingdom's relations with the US.

But as they talked, U.S. senators debated a resolution seeking an end to United States support for Saudi Arabia's campaign in Yemen's civil war.

A Saudi-led coalition is fighting to counter the influence of Iran, an ally of the Houthi militia, which denies any help from Teheran and say it is fighting a revolution against corrupt politicians and Gulf powers in thrall to the West.

Trump and MBS, as he is known in Washington's corridors of power, have seen eye-to-eye on concerns about Iran's military activism, Middle East peace, relaxing Saudi Arabia's deeply conservative laws and over their love for mega-investments.

Also high on the agenda in the White House talks was confronting Iran, a country Trump has repeatedly criticized for its expansionist policies in the Middle East.

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The visit of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, also known as MBS, came nearly one year after the US president visited Riyadh.

Burton stated that Saudi Arabia signed the joint strategic vision with US President in May, and it included several agreements worth billions of dollars. He said a ten year window for implementing the deal was under way.

Trump has threatened to withdraw the United States from the nuclear accord unless European allies and the U.S. Congress agree by May 12 to fix what he called its "disastrous flaws" and impose tough new restrictions aimed at curbing Iran's ballistic-missile development and its involvement in regional conflicts.

"Certainly the crown prince is coming in to pay up at least in part his commitments to the United States in terms of commercial deals and buying arms", he added.

"This is a signal that there (are) a lot of things (that) could be tackled in the close future and more opportunities".

The crown prince oversaw the invasion of Yemen as defense minister in 2015.

Officials said they expected Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, to take part in some of the meetings.