The Bachelor recap: Everyone says 'I love you'

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Chris brought up Tia's concern about Bekah M. being ready for marriage at such a young age. He kept talking about how much fun he had with Kendall and their chemistry, and how she wasn't like anyone else he'd ever dated. They ride until the dune buggy nearly goes over the edge of a sand cliff and they bail, leaving the driver perched over the edge, while they make out in the sand. The 29-year-old is not sure who Arie will choose but she does believe Tia would make an excellent next Bachelorette star.

During the "Women Tell All" special, which aired Sunday, a clip was shown of Nielson's previously unseen outburst in her hotel room following a bowling group date.

We get confirmation that Caroline is drunk when she nearly spoils what happens at the end of the season. She eventually said she was sorry that she "couldn't see" how she was affecting the other women.

Olivia pointed out that Krystal speaks differently in person than on the show.

"Who wouldn't want to go on the show as the Bachelor?" she mused. The majority of the women still had a lot of unresolved anger toward her, and she wasn't exactly feeling warm and fuzzy about them, either. "When you can't say "I love you, ' you have to come up with other things, and apparently the only thing I could come up with is, 'I'm insane about you", he said". After Arie assures her that he sees their relationship as special, Kendall confesses her real feelings toward Arie. He tells her that their relationship just isn't there yet. The two dated for years and have quite a history. If proposed at this moment, she'd lean toward no. All the color quickly rushes from her face when she opens it.

Finally, Arie came out. Tia, the woman sent home after the hometown dates, tearfully talks about her gut-wrenching exit and how Arie blindsided her. Arie takes the hot seat and the tension is palpable when Caroline confronts him and questions his commitment issues. Which is perhaps something he should have thought about before travelling all that way to pursue an ex who had clearly moved on since she went on the friggin' Bachelor.

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Seriously, what does Caroline know and which of the three finalists did Arie hurt? "It really just depends on what my fiancé likes and wants".

"That's what I'm here to find out, man" answered Ross.

Krystal apologized for what she had said, at which point Harrison helpfully pointed out, "He doesn't know about the needle dick comment".

Although the offending words were bleeped out, it has been reported by media who were at the taping that Krystal called Arie a "needle dick" and the other women a bad word that starts with "c".

Seinne Fleming, however, defended Mathias, saying that she felt the other women's attacks on Mathias were unwarranted. She wasn't very talkative, and he seemed upset about that. Maybe Kendall can add Arie to her taxidermy collection. Last season, which, again, was pretty much a disaster, seven network shows (excluding sports) drew more than a 2.0 rating in the 18-to-49 demographic: CBS's The Big Bang Theory, Fox's Empire, NBC's This Is Us and The Voice, and ABC's Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, and The Bachelor.