Taylor swift is an invisible dancing queen in new 'delicate' video

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It's not unusual for Taylor Swift to get people talking, but then her latest video really appears to have rubbed some up the wrong way. Presumably, in the video - given that she winds up at a dive bar - the note serves as that message.

The music video drop was the most fans have seen lately from the singer who has been busy prepping for her Reputation world tour. By the end, Taylor's danced away her troubles and found a new inner peace - and hopefully, so have we.

In the video, the 28-year-old singer plays a starlet who, after realizing she is invisible, uses her freedom to dance unabashedly through the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

"Raw Taylor is better than polished Taylor", one wrote, while another noted "That smile at the beginning/end melted me!"

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Taylor Swift enjoys going from celebrity to totally invisible in her new music video for "Delicate". Early on in the video, the A-lister is seen sporting a serpent design on her finger. In the first scene, Swift has a glazed expression as she gazes off in the distance. She rips off the bottom of her turquoise fringed dress and starts dancing. She's back in the real world. In "Delicate", its spiritual sequel, she redeems herself, pulling off a surprisingly elegant split on the hood of a vehicle. "It's a mood that's mirrored in 'Delicate" s new video, too, with Swift enacting some fun dance moves throughout. At the beginning of the video, Taylor is talking to the press outside her hotel, when she is handed a magical note which allows her to let her hair down. "The other songs on the album include ".Ready For It?".

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If you haven't seen the Fatbow Slim clip-interestingly, also directed by Jonze-correct this below.