Ratings battle: 'American Idol' reboot beats OJ Simpson interview

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"J.Simpson: The Lost Confession?" where he hypothetically claimed that he was involved in the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman.

At the beginning of Simpson's televised conversation with Judith Regan-the woman who published his "If I Did It" book-he initially hesitated, claiming "it's not easy to discuss", which is weird, considering this is all supposed to be "hypothetical", right?

Simpson referred to a mysterious companion of his named "Charlie" as having been a catalyst for numerous events that night in 1994, when Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were found dead of multiple stab wounds.

The Twitter hashtag #DidOJConfess trended throughout the programme's broadcast. Darden did not hide his disgust at seeing the previously unaired footage, and he called out a high-profile rapper for seemingly supporting Simpson years later.

OJ Simpson with Nicole Brown in March 1994, just months before her murder. "This was literally misplaced", Wrong said on Thursday before screening 45 minutes of the interview for journalists.

DEGGANS: Darden and the families of Goldman and Brown were among those who objected to Fox's original plan to air this interview back in 2006.

"I haven't met one person who thinks he's [innocent]", Sharp continues. The book was initially shelved after public outcry, but was eventually released in 2007 by another publisher.

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SIMPSON: Blood and stuff around.

Simpson's 13-month trial and acquittal still captivates Americans and was the subject of an award-winning 2016 TV series and a documentary. He also lapses into tenses that don't sound speculative, saying at one point, "Obviously I must have" taken a glove off after the killing, given that one was found at the scene. Around that time, HarperCollins' ReganBooks was set to release If I Did It, a hypothetical account of the June 12 murders told by Simpson.

"We're taking you inside the mind of O.J. Simpson, where nobody has ever been", Terry Wrong, executive producer of the two-hour special, told journalists in a teleconference.

Comic Jim Norton, whose show now streams on Netflix, chimed in with, "For someone being hypothetical, OJ sure says, "I remember." a lot".

The DailyMail.com reports interviewer Judith Regan asks: "So your kids were in house" (at the time of the murder). Simpson said he had words with Goldman and his ex-wife that escalated.

"I think it's a fascinating contribution to a subject that people have shown an abiding interest in". Nicole came out and he says she "fell and hurt herself". We've all seen the grisly pictures after. "This guy got into a karate thing and I said, 'Well, you think you can kick my ass?'" he says. "Can you look through it?'" Wrong said.

The new TV project has the blessing of both families but no connection with Simpson, who was paroled in October after serving time for a robbery conviction.