Oscars president being investigated for sexual harassment

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John Bailey, 75, is facing three separate sexual harassment claims, United States media outlets reported last night.

In a brief statement, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said that it treats any complaints confidentially to protect all parties.

The organisation also insisted there would be no further statements "until the full review is completed".

The 2018 Oscars became a significant flash point for decrying sexual harassment and abuse, with speeches and displays from both presenters and winners in support of theTime's Upand #MeToo movementsin the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandaland other allegations of sexual misconduct throughout the industry.

At a February lunch for this year's Oscar nominees, Bailey promised the Academy would adopt a "greater awareness and responsibility in balancing gender, race, ethnicity, and religion".

The standards also established a process for claims of misconduct, their review and actions to be taken, if any.

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Bailey was elected president of the institution in August.

If proved true, the standards specify that AMPAS could " a. If suspended or removed over the investigation, Bailey would be replaced by Academy first vice president and makeup artist Lois Burwell.

Some within the organization, however, have wrestled in recent months with the implications of requiring the academy to police its members' behaviour. If the matter is deemed serious enough, refer it to the Board of Governors.

One of those Board of Governors members who would be part of such a vote is Bailey's wife, Carol Littleton, from the Film Editors branch.

John Bailey, a veteran cinematographer who heads the film industry's trade group, is facing three harassment allegations, Variety reported on Friday. It did mark a victory for below-the-line workers in the group, many of whom have been wary of growing attention to high-profile actors and directors.

The host, Jimmy Kimmel, set the #MeToo tone of the event by joking that the Oscar statue set an example for Hollywood: "He keeps his hands where you can see them, never says a rude word, and literally doesn't have a penis".