OJ Simpson Reportedly Confessed Murders to 'If I Did It' Book Publisher

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Transcripts of the tapes provided to press at the time of the trial show Brown Simpson alleging that Simpson had broken into her house from the back door and was screaming at her roommate in the front yard. ' Is the most freakish 2 hours of TV she's ever worked on for a bunch of reasons.

O.J. Simpson said he felt "angry", feelings toward his late wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, at her funeral. She points out investigators had zero knowledge of such a person - but she's got a few theories.

After years of nonchalantly alluding to the brutal 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, O.J. Simpson appears to have finally confessed to his crimes 24 years after the fact. He adds that he doesn't remember what he said to her body when he leaned over to kiss her, but he said he remembers people telling him he said he was sorry.

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"I received a phone call from an attorney who said O.J. was ready to confess", Regan said.

The big condition? They couldn't call the book just I Did It because then he would have to admit it to his children.

Regan ended up interviewing Simpson in 2006 and the interview was framed as a hypothetical account of what could've happened the night of the murders. Corporate sibling Fox Broadcasting shelved the special after several affiliates told the network they would refuse to air it. But Regan says the interview was pitched as a real confession.