Officers not charged in Alton Sterling death, Louisiana attorney general says

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A decision on whether the state of Louisiana will pursue charges against the Baton Rouge Police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling could come tomorrow, WWL-TV reports.

Landry will provide an "update" on his office's investigation of Sterling's July 2016 shooting death during a news conference later Tuesday morning, the attorney general's office said.

State investigators looked into the case after the U.S. Justice Department announced past year there wasn't enough evidence to warrant civil rights charges against the two officers. What differs here is the AG investigators have been trying to determine if the officers involved, Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake, should face any state criminal charges in the death of Sterling.

The LA Attorney General says officers tried to make a lawful arrest of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge. They said Salamoni yelled that Sterling was reaching for a gun in his pocket before shooting him three times, and then fired three more shots into Sterling's back when he began to sit up and move.

Sterling's death in Baton Rouge was one of a number of killings of black men by white officers that helped fuel the Black Lives Matter movement and raised questions about racial bias in US policing.

Veda Washington-Abusaleh, Sterling's aunt, was in tears after meeting. Landry said it was "reasonable" to conclude Sterling was under the influence of drugs during the struggle with the officers "and that contributed to his non-compliance" with the officers' commands.

Two cellphone videos of the shooting quickly spread on social media, leading to protests at which almost 200 people were arrested. Salamoni's lawyer, John McLindon, said he anticipated the department will fire both officers for a violation of policies as a result of the shooting, but that both officers are planning to appeal such firing. The shooting was caught on video by several bystanders.

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It was also captured on body camera and convenience store surveillance. "It takes courage to be a prosecutor and it takes courage to fight for justice", Stewart said.

Sterling's family said it would continue to follow through with a civil lawsuit they filed a year ago. "Sterling' hands", Landry said.

Federal authorities said their ten-month investigation failed to uncover evidence that the officers "willfully" deprived Sterling of his civil rights.

The officers were responding to a call about a man with a gun.

Video footage shows Salamoni and Lake struggling to subdue him, while screaming that "he's got a gun". On Tuesday, March 27, 2018, Louisiana's attorney general ruled out criminal charges against two white Baton Rouge police officers in the fatal shooting of Sterling.

Sterling, whose videotaped shooting by police in Baton Rouge last summer sparked tense protests across the city.