Nintendo Nindies Showcase Reveals Indie Games Coming to Switch

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Fantasy Strike: Fighting game veteran David Sirlin of Sirlin Games tried to crowfund this accessible fighting game on Fig a year ago, but funding failed to reach 30% of its goal.

Berzerk Studio's Just Shapes & Beats is a musical rhythm bullet hell game. Today, Nintendo announced a handful of titles that are making their way to Switch in the coming year.

This gory game inspired by VHS-era B-movies launches first on the Nintendo Switch this spring.

During today's Nindies Showcase for the Nintendo Switch, Stoic announced that all three Banner Saga titles will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

More than 100 levels await players in this game, in which everything - from jungles to deserts to cities - is one giant cartoon game of pool. Again, first on Switch in 2018.

Nitrome is releasing Bomb Chicken, a platformer starring a chicken combining action, puzzles, and arcade goodness. Banner Saga 3 launches this summer.

This stylish and rhythmic puzzle game is getting a remastered addition that will feature local multiplayer, which drops on Switch this spring.

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Reigns Kings and Queens (spring): the mobile title, with both versions included. Local co-op will also be available when it releases on Switch this fall.

Light Fall has you platforming through the world of Numbra using something called a Shadow Core to propel yourself through the world. LUMINES REMASTERED launches on Nintendo Switch in spring.

West of Loathingis a wild west themed, goofy RPG filled with plenty of puzzles, puns and turn-based combat. Nintendo seems to be working on a new Switch that would see the SoC upgraded from the Tegra 210 that NVIDIA supplied for the current-gen Switch, to the Tegra 214 in the purported Switch refresh.

Pronounced "poo-duh", Pode is a Norwegian inspired co-op adventure puzzling game with two characters that have contrasting abilities. If you've played it before, what did you think of it?

The Messenger - Retro ninja platformer with 8 and 16 bit graphical switching, releases in the summer.

A real time tactical rogue-lite - I guess this description works? Though the game that personally got me giddy with glee was the portable system's next fix in ridiculously addictive roguelikes, Bad North.

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