Mario Kart Meets Google Maps This Week

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Mario Day is a real thing that celebrates the video game character on March 10, which when abbreviated to Mar. 10 sort of spells out Mario.

Everyone's favorite plumber (and yes, he's a plumber again) can be activated by opening Google Maps and hitting the 8-bit question block icon, which prompts a pop up asking if commuters want to activate Mario mode.

To Mark Super Mario Day, Google Maps have updated their application for the smartphone users with Mario. It will be available for a full week, says Google.

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Well, this isn't the first time Google has surprised us by customizing the appearance of Google Maps.

Nintendo and Google partnered to add Mario Kart to the search engine's map and directions app on Android and iPhone. The offer is here to celebrate the Mario day and will last till March 25th.

Google has also included a hidden Easter egg in Mario Time: tapping the yellow question mark icon 100 times will trigger the familiar 1-UP sound of Nintendo's Games. Mario will then replace the navigation arrow and join users on their commutes for the next seven days. You can see have Mario drive around while following the route. The new pricing from the in-app purchase starts from today itself so if you are a big fan of Super Mario, it is the right time to get a premium version with 50% discount.