Kushner group got millions in loans after a White House meeting

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Sources told the Times that Kushner discussed a possible role within the White House with Apollo's founder and discussed financial and trade policy with Citigroup's chief executive. The Kushner family's real estate firm, Kushner Cos., is struggling to find the means to pay off a debt of that dollar amount due in January 2019, thanks to its ill-advised purchase of the 666 Fifth Ave. office tower in New York City in 2007, shortly before the Great Recession.

If the Kushners have nothing to hide, they certainly don't act like it; on February 9, Kushner Cos. filed a motion in federal court for a new venue for its Maryland apartment complex case in an attempt to avoid revealing the identities of the project's investors. A short time later, Citigroup handed Kushner Companies and one of its partner companies a massive loan of $325 million.

"Prior to our CEO voluntarily resigning to serve our country, we never had any type of inquiries", Ms. Taylor said. Citigroup gave Kushner Companies a sum of $325 million - one of the largest loans availed by the company previous year - to help finance a group of office buildings in Brooklyn. He was among the Trump campaign members involved in a controversial July 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer who emails suggested promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, got two large loans for his family real estate business a year ago after executives began visiting the White House, according to a Wednesday report. "These types of inquiries appear to be harassment exclusively for political reasons".

Kushner has been forced to repeatedly correct omissions in his "SF-86", the government-wide form used to apply for clearances, as well as his financial disclosure forms, which experts said could delay or even end his chances of earning a clearance through the normal process.

At the same time, Kushner is the head of the Trump administration's effort to broker a deal between Israelis and Palestinians.

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An Apollo spokesperson, Charles V. Zehren, said Harris was not involved in the decision to loan money to Kushner Cos.

The spokesman said Kushner's met with hundreds of business people since joining the White House but has not participated in any projects related to his family enterprise and follows good government policies and procedures, The Times said.

Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter, work in the West Wing but choose not to take a salary. The agency is also requesting descriptions on how the banks processed Kushner's loans and whether the banks did any internal review of the Kushners and their companies, the person said.

Kushner reportedly met with top officials from both companies in the months leading up to those loans.

More than 30 White House staffers have been downgraded from their top-secret intelligence clearances, according to a Bloomberg report on Wednesday.

Conflict of interest questions have plagued the Trump administration from the outset.