Fortnite tops $1.5M in revenue during first week on mobile

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SUPER-HIT video game Fortnite has inspired a generation of gamers to start playing with themselves - and not in the way you'd think. The streaming craze has all but faded, as viewers en masse routinely tune in to watch a particularly skilled participant maneuver through a video game's immersive landscape in the name of victory. The other big battle royale game, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, has this feature fully implemented as it's always good to know how you got killed, how one messed up, and how to prevent it for future matches.

Fortnite, one of the most popular battle royale titles - possibly the most popular - is getting its own editing tool to help you capture all those glorious moments in-game. Drake, who gives few interviews, spoke at length with Ninja as they played "Fortnite" on Wednesday night, for a time making the episode a trending topic on Twitter. As you see below, Fortnite's lead is massive. "Battle Royale" type games have 100 online players violently battle to the death until only one player survives. As Epic noted, C4 explosives are hardly a new idea in gaming, so they focused on the fun aspect and how it made the player feel.

The most streamed artist on Spotify, whose latest hit God's Plan has spent the last seven weeks at number one on the U.S. singles chart, made waves this week when he joined the streaming video-game platform Twitch.

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Speaking at GDC in a panel titled "Fortnite: An Unconventional Launch", Ed Zobrist, head of publishing at Epic Games for Fortnite, Spyjinx, and Fortnite: Battle Royale touched on the surprising aspects of both the original and Battle Royale launches of Fortnite. The last person standing is declared the victor of the match. These extremely exciting last person standing games are a blast, and you can still play them if all you have is an Android device.

We may have alluded to this previously, but the game got very popular by the time 2018 rolled around.

Kansas appears to be the US State "proportionately the most likely to search for Fortnite, followed by those from South Dakota, Rhode Island, Connecticut and California".