Britain Hails 'Turning Point' After Mass Expulsion Of Russian Diplomats

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British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday told UK Parliament that 23 countries had expelled more than 115 Russian intelligence diplomats, which "represents an unprecedented series of expulsions that demonstrates to the Kremlin that we will not tolerate their attempts to flout worldwide law, undermine our values or threaten our security".

Before the USA expulsion, Britain ordered almost two dozen Russian diplomats to leave.

Last night Theresa May said more than 130 people were exposed to the nerve agent, novichok, and warned that the ex-soy and his daughter might never recover.

America, Canada, Australia and Ukraine joined 20 European states including France, Germany and Spain after the EU declared the Kremlin was behind the sickening assassination attempt on ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia.

"I believe that yesterday's events could become a turning point", Johnson wrote, adding, "The Western alliance took decisive action and Britain's partners came together against the Kremlin's reckless ambitions". "We'll respond, have no doubt".

A top Russian diplomat says Moscow is preparing a "tough response" to Monday's announcement by the United States that it is expelling 60 Russian diplomats.

Commenting on the move, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that anti-Russian measures introduced over Skripal case demonstrate how few independent countries remain in the modern world.

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"Today's actions by our allies clearly demonstrate that we all stand shoulder to shoulder in sending the strongest signal to the Kremlin that Russian Federation can not continue to flout worldwide law and threaten our security".

"The attack in Salisbury was not just an attack against the United Kingdom but an affront to the worldwide rules-based system on which we all depend for our security and wellbeing", Ireland's Foreign Ministry said. Moscow, though, has repeatedly denied involvement.

"So political reforms in Russian Federation as a counterpart for economic cooperation which we have to offer", he said.

Russian Federation denies responsibility and has vowed a "tough response" to the expulsions.

Nato's intervention came as it was revealed that 26 countries have now joined the United Kingdom in removing Russian envoys as part of joint action against the Kremlin.

The defense secretary went on saying that though Russian Federation has the potential to be a partner with Europe, right now the country has chosen "to seek a diferent relationship with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members".

In addition, the Russian consulate general in Seattle will be closed, the White House said.