Arrested Catalan ex-leader Puigdemont to appear in German court

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That's according to his lawyer.

A Spanish Supreme Court judge had reactivated an worldwide arrest warrant for Puigdemont on Friday while the latter was visiting Finland.

Let's take a step back.

Puigdemont had been wanted in Spain since leading a parliamentary session in October a year ago that saw separatist lawmakers vote for the region of Catalonia to declare independence from Spain.

Mr Puigdemont fled to Belgium hours before Spain's attorney general asked for charges to be brought against him and other members of his cabinet.

Worldwide arrest warrants for Puigdemont, who fled to Belgium in October, and five other fugitive Catalan politicians, were activated by the Spanish Supreme Court on Friday amid the recent crackdown on Catalan separatists.

On Friday, the Spanish Supreme Court issued global arrest warrants for six other separatists, all of whom have fled overseas.

Judge Pablo Llarena charged 13 Catalans with rebellion, a crime punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

Puigdemont fled from Spain in October following an illegal declaration of independence by the region.

In Barcelona, thousands of pro-independence Catalans gathered to protest the arrest, leading to clashes with police, AP reported.

The court will then decide if Puigdemont will be formally taken into custody pending extradition proceedings, it added.

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The plebiscite was not, however, recognized by Madrid, which subsequently imposed direct rule over the autonomous region and dismissed its government.

National news agency DPA quoting unnamed sources said Puigdemont was driven in a small van with tinted windows to a prison at Neumuenster.

The judge ordered worldwide arrest warrants for the six Catalan officials who are fugitives, including Puigdemont.

The case of Mamoun Darkazanli sparked a judicial row between the two countries after Germany's Federal Constitutional court refused to turn over Darkazanli, saying that European Union extradition laws created to speed up the delivery of suspects between member states violated the rights of German citizens.

"Spain does not guarantee a fair trial; only revenge and repression", she wrote on Twitter.

German police arrested Puigdemont earlier on Sunday as he crossed over by vehicle from Denmark, where had been visiting lawmakers.

After Puigdemont was forced to withdraw his bid for the presidency, another pro-independence leader Jordi Sanchez followed suit when a judge refused to let him out of jail to be sworn in.

"All the negative inputs that we have received help us to unite the society even more", Coca said.

Separatist parties have abandoned plans to name a new president following the candidate's arrest, and if a new president is not elected by May 22, new elections will be automatically triggered.

Puigdemont "was arrested today (Sunday) at 11:19 am by Schleswig-Holstein's highway patrol force", a German police spokesman told AFP, adding that the detention was based on a European warrant.

51-year-old Turull was one of five high-profile separatists jailed without bail Friday by a Spanish Supreme Court judge for their alleged roles in a failed independence bid by Catalonia from Spain in October. Arrest warrants have also been issued for five other Catalan separatists.