Value of Buffett's Berkshire Jumps 13 Percent on Trump Tax Cut

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The letter, which was notably shorter than in years past, meditated on the investing lessons that the Berkshire chairman and chief executive officer thinks people should take away from his charitable bet against Protege Partners.

In its annual report filed alongside Buffett's letter, Berkshire details exactly how it got to the $29 billion tax bill-related benefit.

"But", he added, "2017 was far from standard: a large portion of our gain did not come from anything we accomplished at Berkshire". 'The remaining $29 billion was delivered to us in December when Congress rewrote the US Tax Code'.

The Oracle of Omaha explained the perils of using debt and leverage in his 2017 annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders released on Saturday. "We have $90 or $95 billion in gains, and our owners, dollar for dollar, will participate in that..."

Despite sitting on more than $100 billion in cash, Warren Buffett says he was turned off by high asking prices for businesses he considered buying and that kept him from pulling the trigger on any major deals in 2017. Berkshire typically pays all cash for acquisitions.

Wells Fargo and Apple were at the top of the list. Or lower the bar he has set to buy back company stock, paving the way for a share buyback announcement?

It's important to remember that even Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A, BRK-B) hasn't been immune to significant swings in its stock price either.

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Book value, a metric he's called a "crude, but useful" way to track the conglomerate's worth, climbed 13 percent to $211,750 per Class A share at the end of 2017 compared to three months earlier, the company said Saturday in a statement.

Despite our recent drought of acquisitions, Charlie and I believe that from time to time Berkshire will have opportunities to make very large purchases.

Warren Buffett says the Trump tax cuts passed late past year were a huge win for him and his company, Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A, BRK-B).

Buffett says investors shouldn't assume that bonds are less risky than stocks.

Buffett in 2007 bet a founder of the asset management company Protégé Partners LLC $1 million that a Vanguard S&P 500 index fund would outperform several groups of hedge funds over a decade.

Kraft Heinz Co said on Friday billionaire investor Warren Buffett has made a decision to retire from the company's board following the end of his term in April to reduce travel commitments.