Shocked Grandma in Photo With JAY-Z and Beyoncé Recalls Moment

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Monaghan, who was in town for her granddaughter's gymnastics competition and her daughter's birthday, said she didn't recognize the "Family Feud" rapper, 48, right away. And she just so happened to be staying at Sheraton New York Times Square, where celebs like Beyoncé were getting ready for the Grammy Awards.

Speaking to The Boston Globe, the MA resident lets us know what went through her head.

Stunned, Monaghan couldn't help but vocalize her thoughts in stating that she was certain no one would believe her story.

A 68-year-old woman who was visibly stunned as she laid eyes on Jay-Z and Beyonce prior to the Grammys last weekend says she couldn't believe what she was looking at when she was captured in a now-famous photo.

"'You look familiar, '" she recalled saying to Jay-Z. She told the Globe that she tried to step out of the way but found herself coming face to face with a "really good-looking", curly-haired, and black tie-clad gentleman whom she couldn't quite place. "No one is going to believe me", she shared, adding that she thinks Beyonce posted the photo on social media so "people would believe me".

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"It was so calming and so surreal", she said of the singer's smile.

Monaghan has an idea why Beyonce posted the picture: 'I think she posted it for me. "Do I know you?"

Susan Monaghan isn't a celebrity or YouTube star, but she did go viral this week all thanks to a chance encounter and one hilariously candid photo. "I felt like I was hugged by an angel".

Beyoncé shared the image as part of a collection from the entire weekend, which has now amassed four-and-a-half million likes.