School shooting suspect could lose public defender after reports of $800K inheritance

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Cruz faces 17 counts of premeditated murder after he allegedly opened fire in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine's Day.

After misplacing a photo of his dead mother, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz punched a hole in the wall of a Lantana trailer he lived in and started to "break things". Eventually, Deschamps called 911.

The sheriff's deputy left without making an arrest because of the reconciliation.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office was called again to the home four days later, when Rock said Cruz lashed out against the family that took him in, according to the Palm Beach deputy's report and dispatcher notes.

That was November 28.

Simovitch declined to comment on the probate motion, but confirmed to ABC News that she was retained by Deschamps prior to the high school shooting to assert Deschamps' interest in the estate on behalf of Lynda Cruz's younger son. This time, Deschamps asked deputies to investigate whether Cruz had a gun buried in the backyard. Rock Deschamps told law enforcement "there were no weapons allowed in the household", the report said. He also says that if he saw any indication that this could have occurred, he would have reported it.

He is now accused of murdering 17 people. Here's this poor kid, and his mother dies, and not a soul shows up, ' Gold added. The Douglas High School social worker did not call deputies until November 27, nearly one month later.

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His adoptive father, Roger Cruz, died in August 2004 at the age of 67, according to court records.

When PBSO deputies arrived to check on the child, they were told to come back later. He signed a form saying he refused to prosecute.

"We were best friends", said Deschamps. "She was like my mom".

Alternatively, Cruz's public defenders could charge him for reimbursement whenever he "comes into money", even if the case is over by that point, retired Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Scott Silverman told the Herald. Cruz lost control the same way he had several times in the past at his mother's home in Parkland, Florida, when he had not taken his prescribed mood-altering medication, as CNN has previously reported based on Broward police documents.

Cruz's windfall comes after both of his adoptive parents died - Lynda Cruz of respiratory illness late past year, and Roger Cruz of heart failure in 2004. "I am doing it out of my heart, because I loved their mom".

Deschamps said she now cares for Zachary, but she said she kicked Nikolas after an argument. Deschamps asked our investigative team to stop recording, but off camera she claimed the allegations were false.

Cruz soon left the Deschamps home without his brother to live with James and Kimberly Snead. "Except that [Cruz] has mental issues, and that is all we can do".