PS4 System Software 5.50 beta out today, key features revealed

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The entirety of PlayStation 4's 5.50 system software update shouldn't be a surprise to most. In 5.50, we're introducing Play Time Management, Library plus Quick Menu updates and much more.

The system will send a notification to the child when playtime is coming to an end, giving them enough time to save progress.

Family managers/guardians have the option to add extra game time through their smartphone or PC.

If you are getting swarmed with bought as well as earned games from PS Plus, the PS4 Update 5.50 has you covered.

Library UI changes: A new tab called "This PS4" will show every application installed to the system, and then a tab with the user's name and avatar will show all of the games and applications they have acquired from PlayStation Network - again, to help users better manage and understand their application libraries.

A blog post details all of the features included in the software update, although there's no date provided for when it will be made available to all PS4 users.

Lesser improvements are the notification update that lets you delete older notifications from your system as well as the import custom wallpapers via USB feature with which you can use any image as a wallpaper on your console.

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This includes the ability to import images via USB and then modify pictures to get the flawless look.

From the dashboard go to Settings Themes Select Theme Custom Select Image USB Storage Device. You'll also be able to customize your Tournaments team page with a team logo or other artwork saved off of a USB drive. You're now, finally, also able to hide apps in the Purchased section, such as expired betas and demos.

PS4 Pro owners will receive a "supersampling mode" which will enable those with HDTVs (1080p or less) to experience enhanced visuals in PS4 games. Easy as that. Aside from this nifty feature that Sony is bringing for PS4 Pro users, there are a few other handful features and benefits coming as well.

Now on to the quick menu improvements.

With the launch of 5.50, you'll be able to access custom friends' lists directly from the Quick Menu.

When you're on the Media Player or the USB Music Player, "triangle" will work as the shortcut for play or pause, and the "square" button as the volume control. "In addition, the family manager/guardians can choose whether or not to automatically log the child out of their PS4 once their playtime is over", wrote SIEA Vice President of PlayStation Marketing Mary Yee on the Official PlayStation Blog. "Please note performance will vary, as games are optimised differently to take advantage of the power of PS4 Pro".

One of the main changes with the PS4 5.50 update is that the game Library has now been divided into two different areas.