Man charged in DUI crash that killed Colts player Edwin Jackson

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The man suspected in a crash that killed an Indianapolis Colts linebacker and his Uber driver was in the USA illegally and had twice been deported, authorities say.

Manuel Orrego-Savala, 37, of Guatemala, is accused of driving while intoxicated and killing Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson and another man in a auto crash Sunday in Indiana.

Orrego-Savala, 37, is a Guatemalan citizen living in the United States without legal documentation.

After Orrego-Savala's arrest, a U.S. Department of Homeland Security agent began reviewing his file, according to a criminal complaint.

Prosecutors in IN filed felony charges Wednesday against Manuel Orrego-Savala for his alleged role in the death of Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson on Sunday. The 26-year-old Jackson and 54-year-old Jeffrey Monroe were struck as they stood outside Monroe's auto along Interstate 70 in Indianapolis.

Jackson started in eight games with the Colts in 2016.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday sought to use the death of a National Football League player in a auto crash - which police say was caused by an undocumented migrant - to bolster his campaign to tighten border security. He is scheduled for an initial hearing in Marion County Circuit Court on Wednesday.

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Orrego-Savala had a 2005 conviction for driving under the influence in Redwood City, California.

"We were heartbroken to hear the news of Edwin Jackson's passing", the Colts said in a statement.

Instead, Williams says Trump needs to focus on the drunk driving problem in America - since the suspect was allegedly almost three times the legal limit when he struck and killed Jackson. Federal and county prosecutors spell his name as "Orrego-Zavala" in charging documents, but his attorney said his name is spelled Orrego-Savala, a spelling listed among his aliases in the federal documents.

Indiana State Police say the man accused of hitting and killing a Colts player and an Uber driver along Interstate 70 over the weekend was extremely intoxicated, had no driver's license and was in the country illegally after two previous deportations. Orrego-Savala's truck drove onto the emergency shoulder and hit the rear of the auto that struck Jackson and Monroe. This is just one of many such preventable tragedies.

In a series of tweets Tuesday, President Trump offered his prayers and sympathies for Jackson's family while emphasizing his argument on the need for immigration reform.

Trump was not the only GOP politician to use Jackson's death to renew calls for increased security along the southern USA border with Mexico. He had entered the U.S. illegally in July 2004 and he was convicted of driving under the influence in Redwood City, California, in 2005, ICE said. His other aliases include variations on the spelling of Orrego-Savala. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene.