Carnival brawl: Over 20 people kicked off cruise ship for violent fight

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Barkho's son told him that he could see "a lot of people bleeding, a lot of people down on the ground".

Seven people - six men and one 37-year-old Russian woman - were arrested and escorted off the cruise.

"We disembarked an extended family of 26 people, we felt we had to take immediate action to remove an element that caused a disturbance on board the ship", he said.

The ship's operator Carnival Cruise Line has issued a statement saying: "The vast majority of the guests onboard Carnival Legend are enjoying their 10-day cruise holiday to the South Pacific".

After a fight breaks out between two groups of passengers, numerous security guards get involved, but only seem to escalate the violence.

The unprecedented move to take an entire family off resulted because there were other incidents that members became involved in during the cruise.

A woman on vacation with her family says certain passengers "looking for trouble" were responsible for fights seen over several days.

Passengers tell 9News that people were left bloodied after clashes between two groups of passengers, including members of an Australian family, who threatened to stab others and throw them overboard.

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The P&O Explorer was forced to turn back to Sydney after a brawl erupted when a female passenger allegedly "hit a guy over the head with a bottle of wine" last week.

"He rang me about 1am this morning and said, "please dad, please dad, call the federal police", Mr Barkho told 3AW.

Scared parents described hiding in their cabins along with their children as the rolling brawls broke out on deck and in the entertainment areas of the ship.

A spokesman said: "Safety is the number one priority for Carnival Cruise Line, we take a zero tolerance approach to excessive behaviour that affects other guests and we have acted accordingly on Carnival Legend".

The group was taken ashore and transported to Canberra where they made other travel arrangements, NSW Police said.

Nobody could have guessed that a relaxing ten-day South Pacific cruise along the picturesque shores of southeastern Australian would have led to complete disaster.

'The ship's highly trained security staff have engaged with a small group of disruptive guests and ensured that they are fully aware of and are compliant with our zero tolerance policy.