Cardi B Now Voices Amazon Alexa, Which Is Actually a Perfect Idea

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Now Amazon has enabled its Alexa digital voice assistant to send text messages through its Echo devices. This requires a quick adjustment to the Alexa app on your phone.

To set it up, head to the Conversations section of the Alexa app. You can send them to any device that receives SMS, including iPhones. All the texts sent would reflect in the smartphone's text app, notes CNN. Unfortunately, Amazon did not figure out how to send emojis in SMS text sent via Alexa.

Jeff Bezos takes a cameo role in the ad, fixing his menacing stare on an underling when she tells him the bad news that Alexa has lost her voice. In 2016, eight months after Echo's launch, Amazon splashed out on its very first Super Bowl ad, putting the smart speaker (oh, and Alec Baldwin) front and center.

This feature is now only available on Android devices. You could use your Echo speaker to make phone calls to phone numbers in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

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Now there is no way to send emojis in texts through Alexa.

"In NSW, we know transport is no longer just about building infrastructure and running services, but embracing new technology to provide the best services for our customers". Still, now you can simply say, "Alexa send a text message to dad" and it will do so, using your Android phone as a conduit. The caveat here is that the feature worked only when the caller and the receiver had Echo devices.

Sending SMS feature doesn't work with third-party Alexa devices at this moment, but that could change in the future.

You should be aware that carrier charges apply, text-to-911 is not available, and MMS (picture messages) and group messages are not supported.