Trump Sings National Anthem, Forgets Words Despite Preaching Respect For It

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"We love our flag and we love our anthem and we want to keep it that way", Donald Trump said at the annual gathering of the American Farm Bureau Federation on January 8 again criticising protesters at football matches opposing police brutality. Even though the United States president hasn't really spoken about these issues or lashed out at the "fake media" for stoking these fears, it looks like these speculations aren't going to die anytime soon, considering the Twitterati is once again speaking of it.

Washington Post's Josh Dawsey tweeted that Trump was "both cheered and booed as he strode to midfield for the national anthem".

Most of the players from Georgia and Alabama remained in their locker rooms during the anthem - though Alabama star running back Bo Scarbrough was caught on audio yelling "F-k Trump" in the tunnel at the Atlanta stadium before taking the field.

However, he appeared to have trouble remembering the words himself.

But as some on Twitter pointed out, right-wing critics who once called out what they considered to be President Obama's inadequately large American flag pin, could not by the same standard consider it a reverential performance.

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He said that Trump "stood stoic at midfield, hand over heart, mouthing words".

But supporters praised the president for taking the field, hand on heart. He has publicly blasted several players past year for not respecting the anthem or the flag. According to a report in TIME, Trump's attendance was seen as an opportunity to protest as groups like the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP (The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and Refuse Fascism had planned demonstrations and protests in and outside of the venue.

Social media users are accusing President Donald Trump of forgetting the words to the National Anthem (video below).

Earlier in the day, Mr Trump had lectured on the importance of the national anthem during a speech in Nashville.