Trump denies saying he probably had good relationship with Kim

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Trump claimed that the Wall Street Journal "falsely" quoted his claim to have a relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

"Obviously I didn't say that, " Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday morning.

In the audio released by the WSJ, however, you can hear Trump begin an unfinished sentence after his comment about Kim Jong Un which is not included in the transcript.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders continues to slice 'em and dice 'em - fake news stories, that is.

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Trump's disputed comments on North Korea were part of a wide-ranging interview with the Journal that touched on a broad range of issues from his first year in office. The "future orientation of the inter-Korean relations depends on South Korean authorities' efforts".The daily called on Seoul to "lend an ear to the voices of the people", "remove all walls of confrontation", and "sincerely come out to the road" to better relations with the North.

In a meeting last fall, the president apparently said that a female intelligence expert should be assisting the its negotiations with North Korea purely because of her Korean heritage, NBC News reported. "Fortunately we now record conversations with reporters", he tweeted. "But I just don't...", Trump responds. Kim has responded by describing the United States president a "mentally deranged USA dotard".

It's unclear exactly what this quibbling is created to accomplish, though it certainly draws more attention - not less - to the possibility that the White House has a relationship with North Korea of a different nature than it has previously indicated. They don't even try to get it right, or correct it when they are wrong. Trump would not say whether he has ever spoken to Kim, whom he has mocked as "Little Rocket Man".

The president had previously dismissed the idea of direct talks with North Korea, tweeting in October that negotiations with the country were a waste of time.