Sleeping woman sexually assaulted on Spirit flight to Detroit: complaint

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The man sitting next to her was apprehending and charged with aggravated sexual abuse by federal authorities following the flight Wednesday. She was awoken to find her shirt and trousers unbuttoned with Ramamoorthy digitally penetrating her, according to The Detroit News.

She said Ramamoorthy was seated between his wife and the victim and continued assaulting her until she woke up and went to report the incident to flight attendants. When Celia woke up, she allegedly found her shirt and trousers unbuttoned, and Prabhu's hands inside her trousers. He was aboard a Spirit Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Detroit with his wife occupying the seat next to him. The attendants kept the woman in the back of the plane and offered her a different seat, and while they were talking to the victim, Ramamoorthy's wife came to the back of the plane to see what was going on.

Ramamoorthy was arrested as soon as the flight landed.

Furthermore, in October 2013, an enjoying some downtime Delta Connection pilot situated in Detroit was blamed for stroking a 14-year-old young lady on a flight from Detroit Metro Airport to Salt Lake City.

Mr Ramamoorthy denied the accusations, telling police he was himself asleep after taking a pill.

Mr Ramamoorthy's wife alleged that the woman had been sleeping on her husband's knees.

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Prabhu apparently stopped touching her when she awoke and opened her eyes around 5.30 am, which was 40 minutes before the plane was to land in Detroit.

The horrific incident happened while the victim was asleep against the plane window.

The court filing stated that Ramamoorthy also admitted that he "unzipped the woman's trousers part-way and put his finger inside".

Magistrate Judge Steven Whalen, who said it was a "very unusual case", ordered Ramamoorthy to be held pending trial, reports the Washington Post.

His wife told officials a similar version and said that they had called the flight attendants to try to change seats. "There have been no allegations from anywhere that his behaviour has ever been inappropriate prior to this incident", O'Neill said.