Rigged Ambulance Kills 95 in Kabul

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28 de enero de 2018, 10:41Kabul, Jan 28 (Prensa Latina) Afghanistan " s interior minister says at least 103 people were killed in a suicide bombing carried out by the Taliban in Kabul on Saturday, updating an earlier toll.

Taliban attacks on two consecutive weekends in Kabul, which have killed hundreds of people, including Americans, have occurred in the midst of stepped-up efforts by the Trump administration to find a way out of the 16-year-old Afghan imbroglio.

The ambulance was able to pass through a security checkpoint and police identified the attacker at a second checkpoint, but were unable to stop him before he detonated the explosives, Interior Ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said. He says, "The 's cruelty will not prevail" and the U.S.is "committed to a secure that is free from terrorists".

The president followed up his tweet with a firm call for "decisive action" against the Taliban. He said he didn't know yet if any of their members are wounded or killed.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani declared Monday a day off for those in Kabul and said Tuesday would be a national day of prayer.

This bombing is the latest in a string of deadly attacks across Afghanistan in the past week.

The bombing Saturday came just a week after Taliban militants killed 22 people at an worldwide hotel in the city.

Rigged Ambulance Kills 95 in Kabul

On Wednesday a US drone slammed into Pakistani tribal territory that borders Afghanistan, killing two Haqqani commanders, said Pakistani officials, who deny providing organized camps for their safety.

The attacks brutally underscore the weaknesses of Afghan security forces more than 16 years after the USA -led invasion toppled the Taliban, and raise questions about President Donald Trump's strategy for winning America's longest war.

The United States has stepped up its assistance to Afghan security forces and increased its air strikes against the Taliban and other militant groups, aiming to break a stalemate and force the insurgents to the negotiating table. We're not dependent on commercial or political support and we do not accept any government funding.

Still, pressed on whether the attack may be part of Pakistan's strategy to up the ante in the final settlement with the Taliban, Khattak said it was the USA that needed to "change its line of thinking" and consider why it was unable to bring peace in Afghanistan even after 16 years.

"Labor again pays tribute to the bravery and dedication of Australian diplomats working in Afghanistan, and their swift work in assuring friends and family back home that no Australians appear to have been caught up in these tragic events", they said. "This murderous attack renews our resolve and that of our Afghan partners".

"No cause or ends justify acts of terrorism against innocent people", the statement said.

Afghan government forces have struggled to fight the Taliban and other militant groups since US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops formally ended their combat mission in 2014.

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