Princess Charlotte Is a Very Polite Two-Year-Old

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Kensington Palace published the recent photographs taken in honor of her first day of school, where she appears sitting on the palace's steps ready to go to class.

The Daily Mail reports that the Duchess of Cambridge told a member of the public a year ago that the nanny was teaching Charlotte Spanish and that George could already count up to ten in his second language.

She may have just started nursery school but already Princess Charlotte, 2, has a certain royal charm. and a good command of Spanish!

The Prince started primary school at Thomas's Battersea in September, a £20K-a-year family-run establishment situated in an old grammar school in Wandsworth.

Proving she is already knowledgeable beyond her years, sources have reported the princess is bilingual.

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Princess Charlotte, on the other hand, is attending school on a full-time basis.

At a young age, Princess Charlotte is also able to speak two languages.

The source apparently also described the fifth in line to the throne as, "very sweet and very confident" and explained she "has handsome manners", is ' so polite, but also fun and energetic'. Note: the children's nanny Maria Turrion Borrallo is from Spain.

"It's right to talk about motherhood as a wonderful thing, but we also need to talk about its stresses and strains", she said at a maternity mental health event previous year. "We look forward to welcoming Charlotte to our nursery in January".

Prince William and Kate Middleton enrolled Princess Charlotte to a different school for nursery.