NVIDIA BFGDs 65-inch 4K 120Hz Display With G-SYNC Launched

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The 65-inch Nvidia gaming display should be a killing blow to any gaming TVs out there but having that said you must know that the price of this display is going to be pretty high.

This is something that we did not expect to see from Nvidia but CES 2018 seems like a great platform to announce the 65-inch Nvidia gaming display.

Even though a remote and Shield controller are included, you don't actually need them to interact with the display. You can stream via your favorite apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, and Hulu.

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Shield also gives its users access to Android games as well as exclusive conversions of classic games such as Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3. It also offers two of Nvidia's other proprietary technologies.

With support for the Google Assistant, the entire experience can be controlled simply by using your voice.

Look for the release of Big Format Gaming Displays later this year from ACER, ASUS and HP. As for pricing, most 4K 65-inch TVs fall into the $1,000-$1,600 range, so we shouldn't expect the Predator BFG to be any cheaper than that. A new big gaming displays are about to appear on the market. The supersized Predator gaming display builds on the same top-of-the-line specifications that its smaller cousins boast, and integrates NVIDIA SHIELD streaming capabilities to play movies and TV shows in stunning 4K HDR. Together with G-SYNC HDR technology created to synchronize the panel's refresh rate of 120Hz to whatever happens in a running game at any given time, the TV delivers ultra-low latency and a highly-responsive tear-free experience in gaming scenarios, either when gaming directly on a connected machine or when streaming content from a desktop, laptop, or console using the NVIDIA GameStream service. NVIDIA says that the screens will likely hit the stores in the summer.