Meltdown, Specter bugs: Apple iPhones, ipad, Macs at risk

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APPLE has admitted that all of its Macs, iPhones and iPads are affected by the two newly-discovered major chip security flaws that are said to impact all Intel CPUs of the last ten years.

Apple has already pushed out "mitigations" to help defend iOS devices and Macs against Meltdown, the company said.

While Apple has taken (and taking) measures against protecting users against Meltdown and Spectre, so have others.

In a blog post, Apple said it had released software updates for iOS, its phone and tablets software, macOS, used by its computers, and tvOS for its television products.

The bigger immediate threat from Spectre, Apple said, is in the Safari browser.

The company said in an online support document that it has recently added security protections to MacOS and iOS created to prevent one series of attacks, known as Meltdown, and is working to update Safari to prevent against another type of attack, dubbed Spectre.

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Apple said, 'These issues apply to all modern processors and affect almost all computing devices and operating systems.

Security researchers have also cleared that none of the Apple devices are affected at the moment.

'All Mac systems and iOS devices are affected, but there are no known exploits impacting customers at this time.

To glean sensitive data from your devices, the Meltdown and Spectre attacks both require them to already be running malicious code. "We are in the process of deploying mitigations to cloud services and have also released security updates to protect Windows customers against vulnerabilities affecting supported hardware chips from Intel, ARM, and AMD", Microsoft said in a statement to The Verge. It was told that such software programmes and apps should be avoided that are not trusted.

Apple says none of the security fixes it's discharged have caused quantifiable performance diminishes in Apple gadgets, and it doesn't anticipate that future patches will do as such either. However, Apple says it hasn't seen any effect on the performance of its devices from the fixes it applied. Expect updates to Safari for iOS and macOS in the coming days that will mitigate that vulnerability, Apple says.