Ford Bullitt Mustang unveiled at the Detroit motor show 2018

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The Bullitt Mustang pays homage to the original silver screen auto with the same classic Dark Highland green body paint and chrome accents apart from the uber-cool five-spoke alloy wheels.

And to celebrate that 50th anniversary, here is the 2019 Mustang Bullitt, introduced in (of course!) a car-chase video, driven by Molly McQueen, who seems to have inherited every one of her grandfather Steve's cool genes.

Available in just Shadow Black and classic Dark Highland Green, the Bullitt Mustang is devoid of any stripes and other extraneous detail that other 'Stangs have.

The green paint, the wheels, the functional yet elegant leather interior, it all speaks to that understated cool that Steve McQueen had in spades and is why the vehicle itself has become just as iconic. Owners can also opt to have the MagneRide semi-active suspension and Recaro seats with green stitching.

All the Mustang GT Premium and Performance Package go-fast goodies comes as standard kit, including a five-speed manual transmission with a white cue ball - just like the original - in place of the gear-lever knob.

With the announcement that a 2018 Mustang "Bullitt" is on its way, it seems a fitting time for Ford to reveal that it's also found the original Bullitt vehicle.

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The Bullitt Mustang has no price yet, but the vehicle is expected to be available this summer.

Ford's latest special edition Mustang ticks all the right boxes for you when you're ready to order your own Bullitt. There's subtle badging with only the circular faux gas cap Bullitt logo on the rear visible on the outside of the auto. That jumper vehicle resurfaced in Baja, California, in early 2017, but the other was lost to history; until now.

Ford has unveiled the newest iteration of its Mustang Bullitt - a special edition model that pays homage to the famed vehicle used the Steve McQueen movie of the same name.

Two identical 1968 Mustang GT fastbacks were used in the filming of the classic Warner Bros. movie "Bullitt" that debuted in theaters on October 17, 1968. The latter, used in numerous jump scenes, was recovered in early 2017, the other was inherited by Sean Kiernan from his late father, Robert, in 2014, and he contacted Ford. It's a classic look, especially with a black center and polished barrel as on the original 1968 Mustang movie auto, as well as this new, 2019 Bullitt Mustang.

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