Eastern US Braces For Extreme Cold, Snow As Winter Storm Approaches

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The storm in question, which will impact coastal areas from Georgia to ME, is given its extreme name because of the predicted rapid pressure drop, an indication of the storm's strength.

Parts of Florida got a dose of winter weather on Wednesday morning when Mother Nature brought snow and ice to the Sunshine State.

A massive winter storm known as a "bomb cyclone" will smash into the US East Coast this week. By the time the storm reaches New England, its central pressure will have dropped 53 millibars in only 24 hours, an astonishing pressure drop unheard of outside of a hurricane-strength storm.

One of the warmest years on record for the United States ended with a record or near-record cold snap in many parts of the country in the final week of 2017.

In addition, a weather event that experts call a "bomb cyclone" - which is best described as a freezing hurricane - is now brewing in the Atlantic.

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While bomb cyclones are merely a meteorological description of a storm and are not named to describe their impacts, they are often heavy storms that are accompanied by hurricane-force winds, dumps of heavy rain or snowfall and flooding along coasts.

On Suffolk County, a blizzard warning has been issued.

Tallahassee wasn't the only Florida community to be impacted by the winter storm. The difference between the two air masses helps to strengthen the storm system.

All three deaths occurred in North Carolina from the "bomb cyclone" of snow and wind, including two men who died Wednesday night when their pickup truck slid off a bridge and landed upside down in a creek, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said Thursday at a press conference. The timing of the storm is expected to bring snowfall from the Virginia Tidewater to New York City and New England during the day. The satellite, which now is officially called GOES-East, is giving weather forecasters "invaluable data" about extreme weather events, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said last month. After a series of snow storms, temperatures are expected to plummet Thursday in record-setting freezes.