DACA Negotiations With Trump Getting Caught Up in Politics

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But since the Dems are going to the wall to get DACA approved, Trump upped the stakes when he demanded other immigration enforcement measures be included along with DACA legislation, including funding for the president's border wall - a provision that enrages the Dems base as much as not getting DACA illegals legalized. "Brought to this country as children by undocumented parents or family members, they are not "illegal" through any fault of their own", Archbishop Gomez wrote.

King added that an attempt to put any undocumented immigrants on the pathway to citizenship is a ploy to expand the Democratic voting block.

Donohue's referring to immigrants who came to the United States illegally when they were children - and also to immigrants from countries affected by natural disaster or war, and now living in the US under temporary protection.

Republicans charge that Democrats have all but halted talks on spending caps until there is a resolution on DACA, which gives undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children a chance to stay, work or study in the United States without fear of deportation.

A federal judge in San Francisco on Tuesday night temporarily blocked Trump's action, ordering that the program must remain in place while litigation over the president's decision to end the program plays out. However, he ordered the government to continue processing renewal applications from people who had previously been covered.

"Nearly everyone - 97 percent - is either in school or in the workforce". "We are dealing with this problem today because Congress has failed to enforce our laws and secure our borders".

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"In a letter to congressional leaders in September, more than 800 executives representing every sector of the economy agreed that DACA youths contribute more than $460 billion to our economy and another $24 billion in taxes", he said.

"This is a DACA and border security fix", Hurd told CNN. "Systematic reform of our immigration policy is absolutely vital to our nation's future".

"We can do a great wall-you need the wall", Trump said after a question from Sen.

"We can not have a conversation about those who are in our country illegally before we stop the flow of illegal immigration", Barletta said a year ago. The meeting centered on Trump's signature policy issue, immigration, which his staff no doubt considered safe.

Besides discussing various proposals for protecting the border, he said, other issues to be debated should include how the country grants visas; what types of guest-worker programs are needed to provide workers, especially for the agricultural industry; and an honest examination of assumptions that immigrants take jobs from Americans. Bob Menendez of New Jersey, a 2013 immigration reform veteran.