You Can Earn Money By Collecting PlayStation Trophies

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Aside from personal satisfaction, what do you get for that Platinum Trophy you spent 50 hours (or more) earning? Well, now you can.

A new initiative from Sony grants users who grind actual PlayStation Store credit for earning various amounts of silver, gold and platinum trophies. Bronze trophies aren't worth any points, 100 silver trophies are worth 100 points, 25 gold trophies are worth 250 points, and 10 platinum trophies are worth 1000 points.

Currently, 1,000 points in the Sony Rewards program gets a user a $10 discount voucher on PlayStation Network. You could put that toward two $10 PlayStation Store discount coupons, which are 1,000 points each. So, this promotion won't exactly be earning you free games hand-over-fist, but it's something.

Microsoft already has its own Xbox Live Rewards programme, which lets you earn credit for your Microsoft account by completing ongoing "missions" or by getting a percentage back on your digital purchases with MyVIP Star Rank. A tough pill to swallow for those sitting on a pile of 30 Platinums.

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Subscribe to 3 PlayStation™Network services and earn 500 points.

Movie Buff: Register 5 eligible discs and get a free Sony movie code. Oh, and if you live outside the USA, it's actually very easy to create a new American PS4 profile/PSN account, so you needn't be left out.

When the news first began to spread about the update to the Sony Rewards program, someone pointed it out to Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, on Twitter and he mentioned how it sounds like a cool feature. Sony and PS3 did not include a trophy system at launch but instead added it in a few years later.